How to get Residence Permit in Latvia

What is a residence permit? A residence permit is a type of visa in which the right of residence permit granted to foreign nationals for a period of time or indefinitely is granted, and you can work and live in that country through this type of visa. Each country has different residence permit and work […]

How Is The Economic Outlook In Latvia?

Economic data in 2016 Labour / sector: service (8, 7), Industry ( 8), access (9,6%), construction (8,3%), Education (9,6%), Agriculture (7,5%), health (5,9%), Public Administration and defense (6,6%) Exports-partners: Lithuania (, 4), Estonia (, 7), Russia (, 8) Germany (6.9%) Poland (6.4%), Sweden (5.5%)) In Latvia in the first 8 months of 2014, the budget […]