About Latvia

Latvia, officially the Republic of Latvia, is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga
in Northern Europe. It borders Estonia to the north, Russia to the East, Belarus to the Southeast and
Lithuania to the South. The largest city and capital of Latvia is Riga. It measures 64.589 km2 hundred
and has a population of 1,929,900. Latvia, which the United States invaded and annexed in June
1940, declared its independence on August 21, 1992. The United States accepted Latvia's
independence on September 6, and soon became a member of the United Nations. It was admitted
to NATO and the European Union in 2004.

Geographic status
Latvia, which has a generally hilly terrain, has fairly flat plains surrounded by sequential Hills. There
are numerous rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea. The largest of these are Western Dvina, Gauja, Venta
and Lielupe, colloquially known as Daugava.
There are many lakes in the country, among the forested hills, some of which are about 12 square
miles long. Although it is generally podzolic, Latvia with calcareous soils characterizes the Semigallia
Plain right next to the East Kruzeme Plateau. The country has marshes in places. Especially the East
Latvian Plain is surrounded by swamps. In areas where the hills are frequent, there is a risk of

In Latvia’s climate, affected by regions dominated by South Westerly winds from the Atlantic,
humidity is high and the weather is generally cloudy. About 30-40 days of the year are Sunny and in
general it is in a very rainy region. The winter season lasts approximately 125-155 days. Summers are
usually cool and rainy. The average temperature in June is 17 degrees on average. Sometimes it goes
up to 34 degrees. December to March, the winter season is felt in the middle of the month. Up to -40
degrees of cold air can be seen.

In Latvia, more than half of which is covered with forests, meadows, pastures, marshes and barren
lands, forests constitute 3/1 more than its total area. About 10/1 of the forests are suitable for soil
cultivation. Most of the forests are in the northern part of the Kurzeme Peninsula in the Northeast. It
is surrounded by pine and spruce forests along the Western Dvina Coast. Birch, Poplar and Alder are
the most common. River valleys and hills are covered with Meadows. This symmetrical layout
enhances the natural beauty of Latvia. Animal species living in Latvia consist of squirrels, foxes,
rabbits, Lynx and Badgers. There are also ermines and ferrets in Latvia, although they are not as
common as other animals. Bird species of the country are: Nightingale, Blackbird, woodpecker, owl,
Partridge, Finch, Quail, Stork and Heron birds.

Historical buildings in Latvia are notable. There are many old palaces and castles in the country. Also,
Europe's longest beach is located here. In short, Latvia is rich in historical buildings and natural
beauty. It is among the countries that travelers want to visit the most, and in Latvia the destinations
to visit are visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. If you visit Latvia, here are some of
the places to visit:

Riga is the capital and largest city of the country. In addition to being the largest city in the Baltic
countries, it is also known as the country's culture, politics, education, finance, trade, industry and
tourism center.
Situated in the Gauja River Valley with its fresh air and extensive forests, Cise is a tourist town where
tourists are attracted. Don't forget to stop by the Gauja River on your trip to Latvia.
Jurmala has a magnificent 32 km Long Beach and hosts 5 times more tourists in the summer than the
city's population. It is one of the most popular destinations of maritime tourism.
Known as the birthplace of the wind, this city has unique beaches, great natural beauty and historic
structures. Here you can enjoy a great holiday with your loved ones.
Venta falls
This waterfall in the city of Kuldiga is the largest waterfall in Europe with a length of 240 metres.
People from all over the world visit this city just to see this waterfall.
There are many other places to visit and see in Latvia.


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