Accounting Service in Latvia

Accounting Service

In order for your plans regarding incorporation in Latvia and running a business to be realized flawlessly, we provide support to you in accounting field. While your business is running, all processes have to be done by experts with high level of quality. With our expertise and experience, we meet your company’s needs in this field in the best possible way. Except incorporation, you can also benefit from our accounting services in other commercial fields.

Accounting Service for Companies

A company must collaborate with experienced accountants to run accounting system of the company in the Republic of Latvia according to the law. Independent from your company’s field or scale, you know that you must keep accounting records. According to the related regulations in Latvia, it is very important for such records to be kept by expert people. Here are some major processes within the service:

  • >>> Salary calculation and payment
  • >>> Keeping records of creditors and debitors
  • >>> Making tax calculations
  • >>> Book keeping
  • >>> Preparing necessary documents for SRS and other government units
  • >>> Delivering prepared documents as hard copies as well as online to SRS via EDS

With these services we provide for you, you can set up a company in Latvia and start running your business in a flawless way. Everything while you are setting up your company as well as your company is running a business will be included within our service. Except these, no matter what it will be about, we will always be with you in case you have any question concerning accounting processes.

Accountants in Latvia

Advantages of Getting Professional Accounting Services

You can be sure that our accounting service that we offer in a professional way will provide many advantages to your company. In general, we can list them as below:

Prevention of Financial Losses

Our expert accountants will detect any mistake in records in short time and accordingly, they adjust it in a suitable way. Therefore, your company can prevent potential law suits and penalties.

Time Saving

Handing over accounting processes to professionals means that you don’t have to pay attention into this topic anymore. This way, you can have the chance to use your time for other important things in your company.

Activity Efficiency

With our accounting service, having comprehensive knowledge of existing regulations and rules in Latvia will affect your company’s business positively. This way, efficiency in your company will increase distinctly.

Money Saving

We minimize your cost for accounting topics. With our external services, you will not have to employ professionals for this topics and you won’t handle extra costs. This means that you will be able to save money.

Solving Problematical Topics

Having many different features and differences, accounting service also provides effective problem solving in this field. Our know-how and experience regarding regulations and operations in Latvia will help you solve your related problems in short time. This way, we come up with a solution even for the most bothersome problems without losing time.

High Technology

As we are offering accounting services, we benefit from computers and state-of-art software. So, processes like reporting and tax calculation are done and delivered to you fast and right.


If you also want to run your business flawlessly and prevent future risks, be sure that you are working together with experienced ones.

For more detailed information about our accounting service, reach us via contact page.