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Banking Services

Creating a bank account is one of the things you want to do after you establish your business. This ensures that your personal money is kept separate from your business money. This makes it easier for you both to keep track of the financial status of your business and protect your personal financial situation when your business is in financial difficulties. You can also get different advantages thanks to this service that you will receive within the scope of banking services.[1]

The objective of this section of our website is to advise potential clients for bank account opening. Invest Latvia is an international corporate offshore and trust services provider. What are the scope and features of banking services? What advantages does this service provide to your business and what risks does it protect you from?


An Overview at Banking Services

Private banking services for businesses are also known as commercial banking activities. In business banking, there is a close contact between owners of business organizations and bankers. From time to time, business owners can use their personal accounts for commercial banking.

Banks can carry out business banking activities by establishing separate units with expertise in the commercial field. Therefore, the second type of banks, corporate banking, retail banking, etc. undertake the supervision of more than one unit to be undertaken.

Banking Service in Latvia


Scope of Banking Services

The banking activities that are required by each business may be different. While companies may sometimes want to finance their capital with loans, they may also finance their capital in different ways. In addition, small businesses can use the credit to purchase fixed assets. As it can be understood, banking services must customize their services in order to meet the wishes of the customers. Some of the customized services provided in this context are as follows:

Cash Management

This service includes providing expert consultancy on the management of debts, receivables and cash on hand. You save on transaction costs and get more liquidity with cash management.

Bank Financing

It is the provision of different types of loans to meet the capital needs of businesses. This service has an important place in banking services.

Automated Exchange Center

This service can be expressed as payment systems that fasten online money transfers. In addition, it also facilitates automatic money transfers from idle accounts that will generate interest income for the owner.

Sector-Specific Suggestions

Making suggestions regarding the areas in which businesses operate is also one of the banking services. Customers’ investments are shifted to more profitable areas with this service, which is not available in every bank.[2]


Features of Banking Services

With their features, banking services effectively respond to the business owners’ expectations. The prominent features are:

Banking Services in Latvia

Degree of Independence

A normal business account is not completely independent of business owners. It may be possible for the business owner to use his personal account for commercial activities in cases such as a private company. This causes the business account to become part of the banking activities of the business acoount owner. Thus, some transactions such as loan applications may be affected.


The creation of a business account within the scope of banking services can be authorized by anyone who has an ownership interest in the business. There is no obligation to be voted by the board of directors.


Business accounts may or may not be considered personal assets, depending on their close relationship with their owners. Therefore, it is not possible to say that the business account will fully protect the commercial assets from personal debts.



The banking services provided by experts at our company will fully meet your needs in this field. Bank accounts will be opened quickly and detailed information will be given to you in line with your expectations. Thus, you will be able to run your business activities without any problems. Contact us for more detailed information about our banking services specific to your business.