Financial Support Loans for SMEs in Latvia

Support Programs – Providing Financial Support for Small and Medium Businesses Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that provide many job opportunities are an important part of our economy. Small and medium-sized businesses are always the biggest supporter of the country's economies. SMEs must be supported in order for the country's economy to recover, develop and […]

What is accounting and why is it important in business?

With people starting to trade, accounting emerged. The concept of accounting, which emerged with the aim of organizing commercial relations, is related to trade. Accounting forms the basis of commercial relations, and factual concepts such as making money and investing. After the concept of accounting has emerged, we have to bring a certain order to […]

How Is The Economic Outlook In Latvia?

Economic data in 2016 Labour / sector: service (8, 7), Industry ( 8), access (9,6%), construction (8,3%), Education (9,6%), Agriculture (7,5%), health (5,9%), Public Administration and defense (6,6%) Exports-partners: Lithuania (, 4), Estonia (, 7), Russia (, 8) Germany (6.9%) Poland (6.4%), Sweden (5.5%)) In Latvia in the first 8 months of 2014, the budget […]