Profitable House Investment in Latvia

How to Find a Profitable Flat for Investment in Latvia?

Buying a flat is an important thing that affects people’s lives for a long time. Therefore, most people act emotionally in the purchasing process. They mostly make their decisions according to the current situation and don’t think long term. However, although flats are living spaces, they are also an important investment instrument. Therefore, when buying […]

Property Investment in Baltic Countries

What Types of Housing Do People in Baltic Countries Invest in?

The Baltic countries, which recently stand out in the property sector, continue to grow in this field. This provided serious dynamism in the property market. Investors who want to buy housing from Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia have increased considerably recently. Well, what should be considered when buying housing in the Baltic countries? Which types of […]

Chemical Industry in Latvia

The Chemical Industry Continues to Grow in Latvia

Latvia was an important chemical and pharmaceutical base during the Soviet era. After declaring independence, it continued its historical duty. It has achieved surprisingly significant growth in this field and has managed to become an exporter. Exports of around 700 million Euros in 2017 have increased slightly each year. In short, the chemical industry continues […]

Soros - Biggest Investors

The 7 Biggest Investors Ever

Many people have shined in the investment field until today. However, some names have become stars of the financial world. These investors, who have acquired huge wealth thanks to their investments, each have a different story. Some followed innovative methods, while others acted purely instinctively. Although their basic philosophies were different, the investors below have […]

The Foreign Investment Volume in Latvia Exceeded 7 Billion Euros Last Year

The Foreign Investment Volume in Latvia Exceeded 7 Billion Euros Last Year

Latvia, which is one of the most important favorites of foreign investors, stands out with its amount of investment increasing day by day. Considering the latest data announced at the end of 2019, it is seen that the amount of foreign investment has exceeded 7 billion Euros. A total of 13,300 new businesses were established […]