Chemical Industry in Latvia

The Chemical Industry Continues to Grow in Latvia

Latvia was an important chemical and pharmaceutical base during the Soviet era. After declaring independence, it continued its historical duty. It has achieved surprisingly significant growth in this field and has managed to become an exporter. Exports of around 700 million Euros in 2017 have increased slightly each year. In short, the chemical industry continues […]

Global Entrepreneurship Network

Entrepreneurial Experience Days Will Be Held in Latvia in November

As the name suggests, Global Entrepreneurship Network[1] is organized for different purposes such as encouraging entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for them, and getting together with investors. This organization takes place in 180 countries in the world. Swedbank, a partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, will host the Entrepreneurial Experience Days organization held in Latvia. The organization […]

Registration for Investment in Latvia

Step-by-step Registration Process for Investment in Latvia

Although Latvia is a small country in terms of area, it offers enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs. The most important proof of this is that it attracts entrepreneurs from many parts of the world and is selected as the 14th investment country in the world. Incentives provided by the Latvian government, facilities about getting a visa, […]

Property Taxes in Latvia

Property Taxes and Exemptions in Latvia

Latvia grants citizenship and residence permit to foreigners who buy property if they meet certain conditions. Those who benefit from this opportunity have to pay property tax for their real estate. However, there are different exemptions for property tax in Latvia. Knowing about these exemptions will enable you to gain serious advantages. You can also […]