Company Foundation & Liquidation Service

Company Foundation & Liquidation

Company foundation and liquidation are difficult and stressful processes. It is very crucial for these to be managed in the right way. With right steps taken, it is possible to save time and money. To provide these, we offer professional consultancy for you. Our expert staff handles all necessary things to do during company foundation and liquidation processes for you. Details about the topic can be found below.

Company Foundation

Suggestions and guidance by our staff expertized in company foundation will help you complete this process in the shortest possible time with lowest cost. During this process, our consultancy service includes company foundation, company registration, accounting, book keeping, brand consultancy, auditing and legal services. Shortly, you will have all necessary services in this field easily.

There are some steps to be followed during company foundation. It is very important that all activities that will be done are done in a compliant way with related regulations in Latvia. Additionally, knowing incentives offered by Latvian government and meeting necessary conditions for such incentives will provide you serious advantages during and after company foundation. Because of all these, it is important for you to benefit from company foundation services. Our service includes all of the company types below.

  • >>> Private limited companies
  • >>> Professional firms
  • >>> Branches
  • >>> Agencies
  • >>> Public companies

Company Registration

Why Is It Important To Get Company Foundation Service?

We have serious level of experience and expertise about company foundation in Latvia. Company foundation process has to be done according to the regulations defined by Latvia. At this point, everything has great importance. Features of your company like its location, type, capital and some other things will affect your company’s future. With our experience and expertise, we offer consultancy services to you. This way, you handle company foundation process flawlessly and we help you take right decisions for later.

Necessary Documents for Company Foundation

There are some documents that should be available so that your company can be found. We guide you how these documents should be obtained. In general, mentioned documents are as below:

  • >>> Official Copy of Rental Contract
  • >>> Photocopies of Visa, Passport, NOC, Residence Certificates, Land Map or Title of Ownership, ID and Family Registry
  • >>> Approval Document from Department of Legal Affairs
  • >>> If Necessary, Approval Documents From Ministry of Economy and Other Governmental Institutions
  • >>> License Form
  • >>> Marking Panel
  • >>> Articles of Partnership, Notarized
  • >>> Photocopies of Technical Evaluation Report
  • >>> Certificate of Business Name
  • >>> Stamped Visa from Immigration Services

Documents for Company Registration

Defining Activities

For company foundation, all these documents have to be obtained from related units in Latvia. After obtaining these documents, there are some legal procedures to be followed, which are listed below:

  • >>> Defining your business’s legal type and economical activities
  • >>> Obtaining Trading License By Providing Company Documents to Trade Registry
  • >>> Sending Company Registration Application to Trade Registration with Suggested Company Name
  • >>> Notarization of Main Agreement of your company
  • >>> Registration of trade name
  • >>> Application for foundation card
  • >>> Getting the first and special approvals
  • >>> Signing rental contract
  • >>> Getting location and audit approval from the municipality
  • >>> Documents processed to get payment receipt given
  • >>> Paying license fees to obtain trade license
  • >>> Meeting all license requirements
  • >>> Obtaining approvals from Ministry of Labor for employees

Flawless advancement of company foundation procedure and having everything completed according to the existing regulations in Latvia have great importance for you to be successful in your business. You can be sure that we will use all our know-how and experience just for you so that you can start your commercial business in Latvia in the best way.

Company Liquidation

Company liquidation is, in general, a difficult and troublesome process. This process is initiated voluntarily sometimes and sometimes, mandatorily. When you decide to close out your company, it is very important to make it in the right way. Managing this process right will help you prevent accumulated penalties and remove some financial obligations. However, when right steps are not taken, financial obligations are not removed and there may be some extra penalties. Therefore, it is very important to receive consultancy service during company liquidation.

How Do We Manage Company Liquidation Process?

On behalf of you, we announce that your company initiated liquidation and we initiate necessary procedures fast. We know all legal requirements in this process and act accordingly. We prepare all necessary documents for company liquidation, deliver them to Trade Register and we have official decision about company liquidation published on Official Gazette.

Except these, we keep managing the process with our tax and accounting consultants in order to ensure that current and previous bills and entries are processed and registered. Other than these, we prepare trustee report and provide suggestion to you regarding potential ways to close out liquidation balance.

During this period, we support you with our domestic law consultants about all contract terminations with your company’s shareholders, employees and clients.

After everything is completed regarding liquidation, we deliver tax statements and financial statements to related departments. About deletion of company registration, we also ensure that your company is removed from Trade Registry. All in short, we offer you an A to Z consultancy in order to handle this process according to the existing regulation.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Before, we told the reasons why you should handle this process with professional consultants. So, with our consultancy services, you can stay on the safe side against such risks from the beginning on. Our expertise and experience in this field will ensure that company foundation and liquidation will be completed flawlessly for you. With consultancy services that you will get from us, you can get these advantages:

  • >>> You will not spend time on stressful and difficult processes for company liquidation. All these processes are handled by professionals, on behalf of you.
  • >>> You will get consultancy service for reasonable price and ensure that this process is flawlessly completed by professionals with serious level of expertise in this topic.

What We Offer You

We perform activities of any complexity related to the preparation and submission of company documents to the Register of Enterprises:

  • >>> Drafting Articles of Association and other necessary documents for a newly established company (IM, Ltd, PF, JSC, OJSC, PA, LLP etc.) for submission to the Register of Enterprises (including opening a bank account and document notarization)
  • >>> Solutions for reducing the foundation costs
  • >>> Introducing changes to existing corporate documents (share capital increases or decreases, issuing new shares, reorganizations, mergers, changes of the name and business address, changes in the composition of the members and the board, registration and cancellation of procuration, commercial pledges, changes to representation titles in the board, sale and purchase of company shares, etc.)
  • >>> All other activities and advice related to changes in your company, in order to ensure the protection of your rights and material values from third parties
  • >>> Company liquidation and insolvency procedures (legal and accounting support)
  • >>> Company registration in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom

For detailed information about our services for company liquidation and foundation, you can contact us.