Company Registration in Latvia

It is not easy for everyone to be successful in business. It is necessary to overcome obstacles and
struggle. You will receive the value of your efforts in this regard in time. Planned and stable steps will
make you successful.

Establishing a company is a very difficult process. Our company assists people or partners who want
to establish a company in this process. Thus, you can take the first step to professionalism with the
support of our company. We are happy to assist companies wishing to start a company in Latvia.
Our company, which has more than 10 years of experience in Latvia, provides fast solutions and
helps our customers to establish a company without capital.

How to Establish a Company in Latvia?
Although Limited Liability Company (SIA) is the most common type of company in Latvia, other types
of commercial registration are also suitable for different commercial activities. You can get detailed
information from our company, which offers professional consultation services, to open a business
place or to set up a company.
The process of establishing a company consists of the following steps and you are not required to be
present during the company setup phase. Operations, we get it done for you.
We support the entire process, including the completion of commercial procedures and the supply of
addresses, for the company to be established in Latvia. Thus, we offer a solution-oriented service
with professional support, eliminating all the procedures you may encounter at the start-up stage.

How to Buy a Ready Firm?
We offer a variety of companies from our portfolio for customers who wish to purchase ready-made
companies on demand. By buying a ready-made Company in Latvia, you can own a firm with a good
commercial background. We complete your transfer within 1 day.
In Latvia, the procedure for purchasing a ready Company varies depending on the reorganization of
the company in the customer's name or the continuation of the existing service.
– If the company is to be reorganized, the necessary procedure is practically no different from that of
a newly formed company.
– If the current service will continue, the procedures will be completed after the necessary
procedures have been taken care of.
Advantages of buying or establishing a company through our company
There are different advantages to buying a company or starting a new company. We offer various
advantages to the people working with our company that provides services in this regard.
The process of establishing a company in Latvia has some difficulties and if a company without
intermediaries is to be established, the owner must be here at every stage of the registration
process. By establishing a company in Latvia for 10 years, we offer our customers the opportunity to
set up a company as soon as possible, in addition to offering excellent prices. The main advantages
we offer during the establishment of the company are:

 Planned company registration process: We ensure the completion of the company
acquisition or company establishment process as soon as possible. We complete this process
quickly and in the most convenient way.
 We provide information about company types: We offer advice on what type of company
you should set up and we help our customers with legal issues. We solve all possible
problems during the company establishment phase.
 We collect the necessary documents: For customers who want to buy or establish a company
in Latvia, we request all the necessary documents at the first stage and send them to the
necessary institutions. Thus, we handle all document procedures in place of our customers.
 We offer multilingual support: Since we serve our customers from all over the world, we
publish documents in three languages: Latvian, English and Russian. Thus, we save our
customers from having to deal with translating their documents.
 We help to open a bank account: As we cooperate with many banks, we offer our customers
the opportunity to open a bank account in Latvia as soon as possible. You can collaborate
with all banks with the bank account you will open in Latvia. We also provide support for
facilitating money transfers and financial transactions.

Cost of establishing a company in Latvia
The cost of registering a new company in Latvia depends on many factors, such as the type of the
company, its capital, the number of founders and managers, and the country that signed the
documents. The price of ready-made firms also depends on the date of establishment of the offered
company. Call us for more information.

Additional Services
We provide services for the establishment of companies in Latvia. We also have additional services
such as business support and management:
 Accounting service
 Tax and legal advice
 Virtual office rental
 Getting a residence permit in Latvia
 Real estate service
Contact our experts for more information about services, company establishment and support in

How long does it take to establish a company in Latvia?

In case the company has 1 founder, the establishment of the company is completed in 1 day. If the
company has more than one founder, the registration period is 4 business days. However, if the
payments to the state are completed, it can be completed within 1 day. For detailed information,
please consult our experts.

We support our customers in arranging all kinds of details and procedures during the establishment
of the company. In addition to establishing a company in Latvia, we also provide the necessary
address for the company. During the company establishment phase, we ensure that our customers
benefit from all the advantages. You can take advantage of all these advantages in your work with
our company. You can call us with all your questions, demands and opinions and consult us on any
matter. You are welcome to call us for detailed information.

To get professional help about Registrar a company in Baltic States ( Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) Feel free to Contact with us.

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