The Company Registry Has Developed Its Remote Service Features

The Company Registry Has Developed Its Remote Service

The Company Registry Has Developed Its Remote Service Features

The risk of people coming face to face due to the pandemic has led remote services to become widespread. The Company Registry operating in this way has succeeded in significantly improving the remote service features as the pandemic process continues. Thus, things have been made easier for those who have to get service here. You can find more details about the development of remote service features in the rest of our article.

Remote Service Features Have Improved

Users can get all the services provided by the business registry electronically or in other words remotely. Those who have difficulties can get help via e-mail or by phone. It is possible to get information about the options in the registration part (how to make changes, how to set up, etc.), document sending by postal services, or other transactions. Thus, the business registry can be used remotely more smoothly.[1]

There are important points to be considered at this point. Providing services remotely has not changed the importance of the signature in documents. Having your signature on a document is important for that document to have a legal nature. Therefore, it is mandatory to manually sign the documents sent to the business registry or to use an electronic signature (e-signature) on them.

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Besides, it has become possible for associations and cooperatives to organize their meetings remotely and for participants to attend them also remotely.

All news about the pandemic process is available at Besides, applications that provide up-to-date information on Covid can also be used. These provide important information about the issues to be considered to avoid the spread of the virus further.

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