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Entrepreneurial Experience Days Will Be Held in Latvia in November

Global Entrepreneurship Network
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As the name suggests, Global Entrepreneurship Network[1] is organized for different purposes such as encouraging entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for them, and getting together with investors. This organization takes place in 180 countries in the world. Swedbank, a partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, will host the Entrepreneurial Experience Days organization held in Latvia. The organization will take place on November 16th-20th.


Entrepreneurial Experience Days Will Be Held Online Only

As it is known, the Covid-19 pandemic, which has surrounded the whole world since the beginning of 2020, has affected many fields. It continues to affect. Like many organizations, the Entrepreneurial Experience Days have been moved to digital platforms to provide protection against this extremely deadly virus. This year’s event will take place online only. Thus, people’s health will be protected. At the same time, the fact that Latvia is an important country for investment and its economy has not been affected much during the pandemic can be shown in addition to these successes.

Conducting Entrepreneur Experience Days online is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, it can even be considered as an advantage. Organization participants will be told how to adapt to the new situation arising from the pandemic process. Issues such as finding new markets, what needs to be done for development, and turning the pandemic problems into an advantage will be discussed. It can be said that all these are of great importance to entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurs Will Adapt to the New Situation

Swedbank which organizes the Entrepreneurial Experience Days acts together with its business partners LLC and ALTUM for this organization. LLC chairman states that the priority of the organization is the exchange of knowledge and experience. The experiences and success stories to be shared here are extremely effective in revealing the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurs. Messages such as not repeating the methods that have been tried and failed many times before and preferring the successful ones will be given.

ALTUM Business Support

ALTUM chairman of the board emphasized the importance of carrying out the organization despite the pandemic. It is known that the pandemic initially affected businesses and factories negatively and in some countries caused them to shut down completely. However, thanks to the measures taken, enterprises and factories have been working actively. This situation is extremely pleasing.

In the past, only business owners could attend this organization. However, this year the situation has changed. The fact that it will be held online due to the pandemic opened the door of the organization to different segments. Government institutions, non-governmental organizations, teachers working in the field of entrepreneurship, and company employees will be able to attend in the organization. However, it should be kept in mind that the necessary registration process must be done before participation.

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How to Register for the Entrepreneur Experience Days?

The registration process is generally divided into two separate parts. First of all, the participants who are ready to share their experiences online by inviting other organizations and companies should register their participation until 6th November.

Other participants who want to get information about the experiences of other organizations and companies must apply November 7th-15th.[2] [3]

The Entrepreneurial Experience Days, first held in 77 countries in 2008, are now held in 180 different countries. This huge organization, which includes millions of participants, is extremely important in terms of broadening the horizons of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs not only see their potential but also have the opportunity to improve themselves by looking at what other companies and organizations do. In short, Entrepreneurial Experience Days offer unique opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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