Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology | Key Sectors in Latvia

Being one of the developed countries of the world in renewable energy, Latvia has perfect conditions for green energy projects. Having a highly skilled and experienced workforce and having the necessary resources made Latvia one of the main exporters of environmental technology in the EU. Besides, thanks to energy efficiency improvement studies and intensive training in the sector, Latvia’s potential in this field is further increased.


Advantages in Environmental Technology

The fact that Latvia has advanced environmental technology and its effort to improve its current level bring along different advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • >>> Easy access to raw materials due to its geographical location
  • >>> Having high competitive power in high-value products
  • >>> Advanced logistics infrastructure
  • >>> Transition to sophisticated manufacturing

It should not be forgotten that apart from the basic advantages mentioned here, there are also other facilities provided. Thanks to these features mentioned, Latvia supplies nearly 40% of its annual energy need from renewable energy sources. With this ratio, Latvia has become the leader among the EU countries in the use of renewable energy resources.[*]

Advantages in Environmental Technology

Latvia has been using different types of renewable energy sources in the field of environmental technology. It can be stated that it uses hydroelectric and biomass resources more intensely. It is also known that wind and solar energy are used extensively. Despite all this success, Latvia still has high targets for renewable energy. This offers very important opportunities for investors.


Latvia’s Energy Policy

Latvia’s energy policy depends on hydroelectric. However, this situation started to change after it gained its independence in 1991. Renewable energy resources have started to be used especially to stop the energy dependence on Russia. The fact that the renewable and sustainable energy policy is among the common goals of the EU has enabled Latvia to make serious progress in this field.

Biomass Potential of Latvia

Latvia is the country with the largest number of forests in the EU. This ensures that it has a high potential in terms of biomass. By-products and waste products in the woodworking industry form the basis of biomass resources. Thanks to the energies obtained here, a significant part of Latvia’s energy needs is met. Besides, the rate of renewable energy used in the regional heating networks is increasing day by day.

Latvia is one of the most developed countries in the region in the field of environmental technologies. Its competitive power is extremely high. There are higher education and vocational programs in this field. In addition to education, the level of financial investments is increasing day by day. As a result of all this, Latvia will soon become the leader of this field. The renewable energy sector in Latvia provides important opportunities and advantages to investors. Contact us for more information on Latvian environmental technology.