Female Entrepreneurs in Estonia

6 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs in Estonia’s Technology Sector

Advancements in technology causes increased competency day by day in this field. Women taking part in this competition can manage huge success stories. In technology field, Female entrepreneurs in Estonia has been the source of inspiration for other women around the world. We gathered their success stories for you.


1. Kristel Kruustuk

Completed her education in Estonia, Kristel Kruustuk went to London to be a waitress. Worked as a waitress for some time, Kruustuk decided to study software languages. In order to study coding and software, she returned to her country and thanks to his husband’s interest into coding and software, she focused on this topic. Together with her husband Marko Kruustuk, she founded a company named as Testlio which provides testing for mobile applications.

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At 28, she managed to draw attention in Silicon Valley as a woman in company CEO position. In the company where she is CEO, 50% of employees are women and minorities. Even the company’s executive board is 40% woman. Only 2 years after its foundation, Testlio received more than 1 million dollars of investment. The amount from its foundation until 2016, on the other hand, reached around7 million dollars. The company has offices in Talinn as well as Silicon Valley in the USA. With this success, she has a special place among women entrepreneurs in Estonia.


2. Kai Isand

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Kai Isand is the founder and CEO of Garage48 Foundation, which is the longest running startup organization in Estonia. Besides, she is one of the co-founders of a design hackathon named as YourDesignWork. She is one of the special people who believe that success comes with people’s help and focuses on this field. This idea and her activities about this idea have made her one of the woman entrepreneurs.


3. Mari Liis Lind

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Being one of the strongest women in Estonia, Mari Liis Lind took part in different projects in the past. After showing successful performance in projects like Funderbeam, Tehnopol and e-Estonia Showroom, she founded a platform named Tech sister in 2012.

Tech Sisters can be considered as a different type of social responsibility project. Without profit making purpose, this platform aims being an inspiration for girls and promoting them for education. Things occurring around the world require new solutions in technology. With this promotion, it is aimed to make Estonian girls more active in this field in the future.

Thanks to this platform, different activities to meet with co-workers, share experiences, create networks and meetings in robotic design field. Having its headquarter in Talinn, Tech Sisters was one of the nominees for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards in 2017.

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4. Karoli Hindriks

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At her 16, Hindriks made her first entrepreneurship step and founded Jobbatical, where global employers can borrow technology and skills of creators. Jobbatical is a platform aiming to bring businesses and the best technological talents together. Developed in 2014, this project has an interesting income model. This project, which has managed to receive 7,9 million dollars funding until today, has made Karoli Hindriks one of the woman entrepreneurs in Estonia.


5. Kaidi Ruusalep

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As the only IT lawyer in the past in Estonia, Kaidi worked in trade and housing sectors for a long time after Estonia gained its independence. After her experiences there, she founded Funderbeam. Funderbeam provides off hand liquidity for investors all around the world and makes it possible for them to increase expansion capital. Using blockchain technology, Funderbeam is aiming to be one of the most effective systems in the future. 19 investors, who evaluated this aim and who thought that Funderbeam will develop well in the future, have already provided 7,36 million dollars of funding.


6. Maila TerameesMaila Teramees


Being a co-founder of Callmidwife, Mailia Teramees has large share in the fact that this entrepreneurship managed to be successful. Introduced to Estonian people in 2017, Callmidwife is a platform where pregnant women are able to reach midwives, no matter where that pregnant woman is. This platform was introduced in Helsinki during an event called Slush where foreign investors fund entrepreneurs.[*]

Being an old midwife and having Good Midwife Award in 2013 and Midwife of the Year 2011 Award, Teramees managed to gain a big success.

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Woman entrepreneurs in Estonia used opportunities in their countries and put their signatures under important technological projects. Even, with their projects, they globalized and managed to obtain important successes around the world. You can also benefit from these opportunities that Estonia provides in technology field and obtain world-wide successes. For this, you don’t need to be in Estonia. If you have a bright idea, then you can get your visa and reach Estonia first and then Schengen area. In order to get detailed information about this topic, contact us.

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