Food Processing: Key Sectors in Latvia

Food Processing | Key Sectors in Latvia

Food processing in Latvia is among the sectors that offer very special opportunities to investors. Having features such as an experienced workforce, a solid supply chain, high quality, and the ability to respond to demands, this sector offers many opportunities to its investors. The quality of the food products produced here is above a certain standard. Besides, it is possible to monitor the whole process from the production to the transportation of the products, from the distribution to the delivery to the consumer.

Considering the needs and expectations of the consumers, it is ensured that the products are fresh and natural. These features of the food processing sector in Latvia will further develop with the investments to be made in this field.


Advantages of the Food Processing Sector in Latvia

Food processing can be performed in many countries around the world. However, there are many different advantages of investing in this area in Latvia. The highlights of these advantages can be listed as follows:

  • >>> Access to high-quality materials
  • >>> Having a solid supply chain
  • >>> Competitive costs
  • >>> A qualified workforce
  • >>> Advanced transportation infrastructure
  • >>> Ecological agricultural products
  • >>> Natural and fresh products
  • >>> Being close to markets

The most important and largest industry in Latvia is the food and beverage sector. Approximately 20% of the production in the country is carried out by this sector. The fact that one-fifth of the country’s land is cultivatable and many crops are grown on these lands is an important advantage for the food sector. This guarantees to a large extent that corporations operating in this field will not have any problems finding suppliers.[*]

Food Processing in Latvia


Modern Facilities in Food Processing

The food processing sector consists of modern facilities. The natural, fresh, high-quality, and reliable products grown in the country are processed and delivered to different markets. Different international standards such as BRC, IFS, ISO, and HACCP are used to show the quality of the products produced. Apart from these, eco and bio certificates that the products have show that domestic products are of high quality and reliable.

As it is known, Latvia is a member of the EU, and the food processing sector must comply with the EU standards. To make sure that the produced goods meet these standards, they are regularly checked. During these checks, it has been understood that all of the products produced are of the expected quality. In addition to product quality, storage and transportation are also carried out according to international quality standards. Thus, the products never lose their quality until they are delivered to the consumer from production.

The food processing sector in Latvia covers a wide range of products. All kinds of food such as fruits, vegetables, milk, and dairy products, confectionery, spices, cereals, any kinds of eggs, fish, and meat are produced. The drinks are also of a similar variety. It has been predicted that this sector will further develop in the near future. Therefore, it would be a logical decision to invest in this field now. If you want to invest in this sector, contact us for more information about the food processing sector in Latvia.