General information about Riga

In addition to being the capital of Latvia, Riga is the largest city of both Latvia and the Baltic countries. It is also the country’s cultural, political, educational, financial, commercial, industrial and tourism center. From this information, you can understand that Riga is a great city. The surface area of Riga, which has a population of 632.614, is 324 km2. Riga, which Daugava River divides into two; Due to its nature, active social life, cultural wealth and location, it is the pearl of the region. They gave the city of Riga the title of Paris. The people of Riga have built the opera house, which is a source of pride for them, with an emphasis on their cultural values even when their country is under difficult conditions. In architectural works in Riga, you can see the most outstanding and spectacular examples of architectural history.

Milda Monument

Milda is the monument of freedom in Riga city center. The three stars on the monument erected in the city centre during the period of independence between the first and Second World Wars represent the Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale regions and freedom of Latvia.

Night life

Riga nightlife is quite fun and active. In the city where many night clubs operate, Club Essential and Fashion Club, which are famous for their techno music, are popular venues. These places where Latvian youth go frequently attract the attention of tourists. If you want to spend time outside instead of a night club, the best address for you will be old Riga. You can have a pleasant time in this active place day and night.

Shopping in Riga

The most convenient place to shop in Riga is the old airship hangars. These hangars were converted into closed market places in 1930, and you can easily find everything you’re looking for here. Alternatively, you can go to Riga Berga Market, it is quite large and where you can find everything.

What can buy from Riga?

You can buy Riga Black Balm, which is the national drink of Riga and known to treat various diseases. There are amber products in many street vendors and shops in the city. Amber jewelry is very widely used in Riga. You can buy them.

Places to visit in Riga

  • St. Peter’s Church
  • The Statue Of Liberty
  • Riga Central Market
  • Riga Cathedral
  • Blackhead building and Town Square
  • Riga Castle
  • Brothers ‘ Houses
  • Cat House
  • Art Nouveau Quarter
  • Swedish Gate
  • Open-Air Museum Of Latvian Ethnography
  • Russian Orthodox Church In Riga
  • Museum Of The Occupation Of Latvia
  • National Opera and Ballet building
  • Riga Motor Museum
  • Jela Avenue In Alberta
  • Riga Zoo
  • St. James’s Cathedral
  • Vermanes Park, Bastelkanj
  • Berga Bazars
  • Esplanade Park
  • Jurmala District
  • KGB Museum
  • Parliament
  • Riga Bourse Art Museum

Riga Economy

Riga is one of the most important economic and financial centers of the Baltic countries. Almost half of the companies in Latvia are in Riga. It accounts for about half of Latvian exports. Sectors such as wood products, IT, food and beverage production, medicine, transportation and metallurgy are important sectors of exports. Riga Port is one of the largest ports of the Baltic Sea. It broke 34 million tons of cargo records in 2011 and has future growth potential with new port developments in Krievu Sala.

Riga universities

  • University of Latvia (LU)
  • Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA)
  • Riga Technical University (RTU)
  • Riga Stradiņš University (RSU)
  • Riga Law School (RGSL)
  • Riga Stockholm School of Economics (SSE Riga)
  • BA Business and Finance School (BA)
  • Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TTI)
  • Riga International School of Economics and Business (RISEBA)
  • University of Turiba


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