It is easier to establish a business in Estonia than Latvia or Lithuania!

Estonia ranks 17th in the world in the 2011 Doing Business ranking, announced by the World Bank
and the International Finance Corporation. According to the data of ERR Television, countries such as
Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, England and the United States are among the easiest countries
to establish a business in the last few years.
Denmark, Canada, Norway, Ireland and Australia also ranked in the top 10 of the ranking! Georgia
ranks 11th among the former Soviet Union countries. Finland ranks 12, Germany 22, Latvia 23 and
Lithuania 24th. However, Russia is in 123th place.
This study analyzes the economy of 183 countries each year. Countries are examined according to 9
different parameters. Accordingly, they must meet the criteria for establishing a business in these
countries, obtaining credit, the time required to obtain a building permit, property registration,
investor protection, tax burden, foreign trade transactions and more.

One thought on “It is easier to establish a business in Estonia than Latvia or Lithuania!

  1. Nicker

    Latvia has a corporate tax rate of 15%, which is one of the lowest in the European Union. Companies that operate under VAT have to pay tax on purchases at 21%. Certain services, like those related to food products for infants, pharmaceutical products, medical products for disabled persons, domestic passenger transport, books.

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