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Mintos Is Going to Launch An Important Crowdfunding Campaign

Mintos Latvia

Mintos will start a funding campaign on its own investment platform soon. Within the scope of the campaign, a limited number of people will get the opportunity to become shareholders. Mintos will collect around 1 million Euros thanks to this campaign. If it is successful, a more comprehensive campaign will be held next year. You can find some details on the subject in our article.


General Information About Mintos

Mintos is an international loan investment platform and it was established in 2015. Based in Latvia, the company serves 430 thousand customers from 63 countries today. The company provides different types of loans to investors in a very transparent manner. The company, which has more than 150 people in its team, managed to collect around 7 million Euros through shares. On the other hand, it managed to increase its share in the credit investment market of 6.6 billion Euros in Europe to %45.


Mintos Funding Campaign

While Mintos allows its investors to become shareholders, he aims to raise a serious level of capital at this stage. It was stated that crowdcube[1]  crowdfunding platform will be used for the campaign rather than the classical methods.

Martins Sulte[2],  the co-founder and current partner of Mintos, made some comments on this issue. He stated that the investor community is very significant for them and that they are successful thanks to them. Investors are constantly moving the company forward and creating a positive pressure in the relevant units to develop it. Thus, the relevant units find innovative solutions and in this case, the company is constantly moving forward. Underlining that investors have such a role, Sulte said that they gave them the opportunity to become shareholders and a part of this large company (family) in return.[3]

Investment - Funding Campaign
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Investing is Easier Than Before

When we have a look at the investments made in the past, it will be noticed that their initial costs and capital are quite high. This situation does not have a positive impact on the investors, and accordingly, the opportunities to take part in large markets are constantly being delayed. However, it is extremely easy to overcome these problems with modern solutions. Overcoming the problems means opening up the company to larger markets. Having tax incentives for investment in Latvia is also an important convenience in this context.

When we look at the investment opportunities today, we will come across with an interesting situation. The extremely low deposit interest rates, in addition to the fact that the stock market is almost saturated, has increased the interest in different investment options.

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New Goal of Mintos: More Efficient Credit Acquisition

Sulte, the co-founder and partner of Mintos, announced that the new goal of the company is to provide loans. It was stated that the needs of investors in this area will be met effectively thanks to the loan, which has the features enough to meet the needs of private investors.

Today, it is known by everyone that banks have a great weight as credit points. However, there are also places that provide loans outside of the bank and the demands for them are increasing day by day. In 2019, the amount of loans provided by non-bank institutions approached 60 billion dollars. This figure is estimated to exceed 450 billion dollars in 2027.

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