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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Investlatvia takes special care of your personal data. Investlatvia is aware that such data belongs only to you and related safety and privacy must be ensured. In order to ensure all these, Investlatvia takes all necessary precautions and approach the topic in a sensitive manner.

Points in this “Privacy Policy” have been prepared in order to brief about privacy and safety of the personal data collected over the websites we run. All data collected from you is processed according to this policy and highest levels of privacy and security are ensured. We guarantee that we will use this data only to provide better service to you.


2. Context of Privacy Policy

The context of this privacy policy is about safety and privacy of the data we gathered during your visit on the websites that we run. Other than this, we would like to emphasize that any website that publishes trademark and/or logo and that we don’t run will be considered out of the context. Therefore, you have to ensure that the website you visit is run by Investlatvia.


3. Protection of Personal Data

We take some administrative and technical precautions in order to provide privacy and security for your personal data. We don’t share any of your data with third parties and we use it only to provide better service to you. We take all related steps according to the laws and regulations in effect.


4. Data Collected On Our Website

When you visit our website, we would like you to know that we collect data in different ways. Details are as given below:

4.1 Data Collected Through Career Forms

As you are making an application to request a service or information via our website, you are required to share some information about yourself with us. That means, in such a case, some of your data is collected like:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your occupation and occupational experience
  • Employee personnel information
  • Visual records

4.2 Information Collected Via Cookies

Any data that is in name-value format and stored on your smartphone or computer when you visit a website is called “cookie”. As many other websites today, our website also uses cookies. With cookies, some data about the device used to visit the website and about the visitor is collected. This data is collected based on related cookie policies and, again, used to provide better service to you.

4.3 Data Collected From Servers Automatically

When you visit a website, you visit the server where the website is hosted as well. At this point, some data is collected automatically. Such data is generally about device logs and similar type of data. Mentioned data is collected in order to respond personal and corporate demands more effectively, evaluate and improve technical infrastructure and fulfill legal liabilities effectively.

4.4 Device Info

When you visit our website, some data is also collected like your IP address and some information about the device that you use during your visit. Additionally, in case you grant it, instant notifications can be delivered to you over our website. If you don’t want to receive these notifications, you can just turn off such notifications from related settings page of your device.


5. Links to Third Party Websites

There may be some external links to employment agencies or similar entities’ websites. When you are transferred to such websites via such links, privacy and security of personal data will be no more under our responsibility. Data security and privacy on such websites are not included within the context of this “Privacy Policy”.


6. Updates In Privacy Policy

Any part of this privacy policy may be updated or renewed if necessary. Any such change is valid at the time it is published on our website.


7. Disclaimer

All articles and other content found on our website are for information purposes. In no way they hold qualification for any kind of suggestion related with any field. Investlatvia cannot be held responsible about any information or statement existing on this website. About any topic that may affect your rights and liabilities, don’t forget that you should seek legal advices.

We aim to inform you about the fields in which we have developed expertise. Yet, as Investlatvia, we would like to state that we don’t provide any guarantee regarding such information as accuracy, effectiveness and suitability of such information may vary from person to person.


8. Contact Us

Without any hesitation, you can let us know your comments, opinions, criticism and drawbacks about this “Privacy Policy”.