Property Investment Consultancy in Latvia

Property Investment Consultancy

Property Investment Consultancy in Latvia
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Are you thinking to make real estate investment in Latvia? Wouldn’t you like to take this step, which will give you many advantages, correctly and smoothly? You can complete this process according to the relevant procedures by benefiting from property investment consultancy. Under favor of our lawyers and expert staff, you will complete the processes regarding deed and other contracts. Thus, you will experience all the advantages of the service that we provide. So, what is the scope of property investment consultancy in Latvia? The advantages of this service and much more are in our article.


What are Property Investment Consultancy Services?

For beginners, investment of a property in Latvia can be complicated for beginners. First, you need to contact the real estate agents and related companies there. However, most of the time you do not know where to start. At this point, we get involved for you and provide the following services:

  • >>> Market research
  • >>> Strategy Analysis
  • >>> Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • >>> Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • >>> Reuse and Re-development Analysis
  • >>> Transaction Due Diligence
  • >>> Financial Analysis and Modeling

We search for the most profitable properties in Latvia for you. For example; we examine the apartments that you find via internet for you and enable you to see the apartments closely. Obtaining detailed information about your options with property investment consultancy will help you avoid making wrong decisions at this point.

What are Property Investment Consultancy Services?
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Why Should You Get Property Investment Consultancy Services?

Your investments in Latvia will probably be at a high price. It would not be wrong to say that this will be one of the biggest purchases in your life when the average prices are taken into consideration. While you are taking such a big step, you can avoid risks and surprise costs by benefiting from property investment consultancy services.

This process can be complicated and time consuming. Furthermore, if you do not know how these procedures are carried out in Latvia, you may incur financial loss and time loss by making very simple mistakes. We enable you to manage your property investments in Latvia in the best way and we provide you all kinds of support in this field with the knowledge and experience that we have.


Getting Residence Permit Under Favor of Property Investment

Real estate investment in Latvia will not only bring you profit. Latvia, which is an EU member, also grants residence permits to right investments. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the easiest way to get residence permit from Latvia is to buy a property. However, there is no such thing as granting a residence permit to every property bought. Do not forget that the property you are going to buy must have some features. Our property investment consultancy service gets involved at this point and allows you to invest in houses which have suitable features for you.

If you are planning your real estate investment in Latvia in the Jurmala or Riga cities, the value of the property you will buy to obtain residence permit must be at least €250.000.

For other regions, there is a condition that the value of 2 properties to be purchased must be €250.000.

* It should not be forgotten that land is not accepted as a property.


Requirements for Property Investment in Latvia
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Basic Conditions and Requirements

Other issues that you need to consider in your investment to obtain residence permit are as follows:

  • >>> The cadastral value of your investments in the Capital Riga and Jurmala cities must be at least €80.000. The lower limit for cadastral value in other cities is €40.000.
  • >>> If you are going to buy a single property, it must be worth at least €250.000. If you are going to buy 2 properties, one of them must be worth at least €125.000.
  • >>> Real estate payment must be made in cash.
  • >>> Bought properties should not be agricultural or forestry land.
  • >>> If the residence permit is to be requested for the first time, 5% of the value of the property must be paid to the relevant unit of the state.
  • >>> There should not be any tax liability on the property.

If the property you buy meets the conditions here, you can get a 5-year residence permit. Latvia is an EU member, which means that you get the right of free movement between EU countries with the residence permit you will receive. We provide you to reach this privilege in the fastest and most risk-free way with real estate investment consultancy!


You Are Safe With Property Investment Consultancy

Property investment consultancy can be defined as a service consisting of several stages. When you inform us about your investment plans in Latvia, we would like to remark that we make detailed research for you at first.

We provide you information about subjects such as sector-related field studies, administrative and financial feasibility studies, detailed analyzes and the suitability of the relevant property for project development. So you will have a clear idea of whether you made the right decision before investing or not.

The real estate market in Latvia has magnificent potential. However, acting correctly at this point is the most important step. Heading to the right projects and understanding market trends will enable you to take advantage of that potential. We ensure that your investments are secured with our academic knowledge, practical experience and other knowledge we have in this field. You can be the owner of a property that brings you a high-profit with the property investment consultancy that we provide. Click here to contact us.