Residence Permit Consultancy

Residence Permit Consultancy in Latvia

Residence Permit ConsultancyDon’t you want to obtain residence permit from Latvia, which is an EU country? With this permit, you will not only have the right to reside in Latvia but also have many advantages like free movement inside EU borders. In order for you to benefit from all these advantages, we offer you this consultancy service. This service is provided by our professional staff based on your current status. This way, you will have the chance to obtain the result with the most suitable method for you. What are the requirements to obtain residence permit in Latvia? How can the process be completed in the simplest and fastest way? All details are in our article.


Advantages of Obtaining Residence Permit in Latvia

There are some conditions to be met in order to obtain residence permit in Latvia. These conditions have been defined based on EU regulations. Here are some ways to obtain residence permit in Latvia:

  • >>> Real estate investment
  • >>> Purchasing shares
  • >>> Signing a labor contract with a company running business in Latvia

With this consultancy, you can obtain residence permit by selecting one of these methods or another one suitable for you. After obtaining residence permit, you will be able to benefit from many advantages right away. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • >>> Free movement inside EU borders (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are included)
  • >>> During the permit, freedom of travelling to any country without any limitation
  • >>> Benefiting from different incentives for investments done in Latvia
  • >>> Advantages resulting from free movement between EU countries


Requirements for Residence Permit in Latvia

In the past, it was extremely difficult to obtain residence permit from Latvia. Except work, education or marriage related reasons, it was not possible to provide it to foreigners. However, after the change in EU Immigration Policy, this situation also changed and from mid-2010 on, foreign investors can also obtain residence permit. This change has been applied so that Latvian economy can develop further.

There are some conditions that should be met by investors. By benefiting from this consultancy, you can learn these conditions better and ensure that you met them without any missing point.

In order to attract investors and make them contribute to the country, Latvia diversified these conditions. The conditions that will make it possible for foreign investors to obtain residence permit are as below:

  • >>> Registering a company with 150.000€ capital
  • >>> Investing 300.000€ at any Latvian bank
  • >>> Going into a company partnership by investing at least 36.000€ or registering a company (This company’s annual tax amount must be higher than 40.000€)
  • >>> Purchasing a real estate (Value must be at least 250.000€)

You can select a suitable option among these and accomplish a result. At this point, it is very clear that purchasing a real estate is one of the most advantageous methods. With real estate investment, you can obtain residence permit for 5 years. If you learn local language at the end of 5 years period, you can even apply for citizenship. At this point, you can complete this process flawlessly when you benefit from this consultancy.


Why Should I Benefit From Residence Permit Consultancy?

After meeting the requirements of obtaining residence permit in Latvia, it is necessary to complete the application in a right way and the process should be managed well. In other words, meeting the requirements does not mean that you will be provided residence permit directly. It can be said that this process is relatively complex and should be managed by experts. This is actually the fundamental reason why you should benefit from residence permit consultancy service.

How the application will be done and how the process will run have been defined by related laws and regulations in Latvia. It is necessary to fill in some application forms, to prepare some documents and to deliver all these to different departments. On top of that, it should not be forgotten that this procedure may change depending on any change in laws and regulations without any prior notice. Therefore, information should be obtained always from the most up-to-date sources.

Although obtaining residence permit in Latvia requires some simple conditions to be met, application and further processes may be complex for foreigners. Any little mistake at this point will result in delay in your application. In order not to experience such negative consequences, you can benefit from residence permit consultancy and obtain the result faster and flawlessly.


Why Us?

The most apparent answer to the question “Why us?” is the know-how and experience that we have about residence permit consultancy. In the background of our service, there is a team consisting many experts in different fields. As we offer you legal protection with the lawyers in our team, we also ensure that all processes are completed according to legal procedures. Additionally, we also provide residence permit services for other Baltic countries like Estonia and Lithuania.

Why Residence Permit Consultancy in Latvia?Except lawyers, we have accountants and tax experts in our team so we can complete different procedures like company registration, transfer transactions, registry of deeds and preparing related agreements on behalf of you. Shortly, our services cover all processes from the first process in Latvia to the last moment. In order to obtain residence permit fast and flawlessly, you can contact us.