Investing in a foreign country can be advantageous and complex at the same time. At this point, taking a step forward without knowing related laws and regulations well can bring you extra costs that you didn’t consider or delays in your business. As InvestLatvia.net, we provide legal consulting to you and represent you so that you can protect your rights in courtroom.

Are you thinking to make real estate investment in Latvia? Wouldn’t you like to take this step, which will give you many advantages, correctly and smoothly? You can complete this process according to the relevant procedures by benefiting from property investment consultancy. Under favor of our lawyers and expert staff, you will complete the processes regarding deed and other contracts.

Don’t you want to obtain residence permit from Latvia, which is an EU country? With this permit, you will not only have the right to reside in Latvia but also have many advantages like free movement inside EU borders. What are the requirements to obtain residence permit in Latvia? How can the process be completed in the simplest and fastest way?

In order for your plans regarding incorporation in Latvia and running a business to be realized flawlessly, we provide support to you in accounting field. With our expertise and experience, we meet your company’s needs in this field in the best possible way.

Company foundation and liquidation are difficult and stressful processes. It is very crucial for these to be managed in the right way. With right steps taken, it is possible to save time and money. To provide these, we offer professional consultancy for you. Our expert staff handles all necessary things to do during company foundation and liquidation processes for you.

We offer virtual office services with different addresses. A Virtual Office is a great option for those entrepreneurs, who do not have the need to maintain their own company office.

Our company is aware of the importance of possibility of swift bank account opening. Therefore, we have relationships with the most reliable banks, which offer excellent online banking services.

We purchase companies with financial problems and tax debts. & We sell companies to suit your wishes and criteria.