What is accounting and why is it important in business?

With people starting to trade, accounting emerged. The concept of accounting, which emerged with
the aim of organizing commercial relations, is related to trade. Accounting forms the basis of
commercial relations, and factual concepts such as making money and investing.
After the concept of accounting has emerged, we have to bring a certain order to our economic
activities and business life. Everyone needs an accounting system to organize and track economic

Accounting; it is a regular system required to collect, record and compile information about the
financial status, liabilities and financial transactions of the enterprise. Briefly, accounting is a system
that reports the activities of the business. Thus, the data of the transactions are compiled, compiled
and maintained.

The benefits of accounting
Accounting is important to measure the financial situation of the company and make certain
predictions of its development. Determination of measurement and evaluation data provides the
company's financial order, development and renewal. It helps to earn income and to generate
income. It ensures that payments are made. It determines the income-expense table of the company
and enables the development of the company. With the determination of the company's assets,
liabilities and income tracking systems, you get an idea of ​​the business situation. With a correct and
organized accounting system, you can analyze your company's financial data and help it grow more
and earn money.

Accounting helps you know which financial position your company is in terms of income and
expenses, how you will behave, maintain this level and help your company grow more. It also allows
you to find borrowers, current debts, payments and potential investors, organize the company's
budget, and also get all the necessary data for tax calculations.
Who keeps accounting records in your company?
Our expert team consists of experienced account specialists in many sectors such as construction,
trade, property management, forestry, production, timber, ship management, retail and wholesale
trade. Using new technological solutions, we offer operational and qualitative solutions to our
customers through a remote operation system. We provide special services to every customer.
Responsibility, accuracy and confidentiality are the most important vision of our company
management approach.

Although establishing a company seems like a difficult process, you can enjoy your new business life
with the support we give you. In this way, you can establish your company and join among the
trusted brands in a short time. You can get support for the establishment of our company. We also
save you from the boring part of company procedures with the professional accounting support we
offer. So you focus only on your company. If you want to get professional accounting support from
our company, you can call us.
In addition to these services provided by our company, which offers reliable and fast solutions, we
also offer accounting support. To establish or grow your company, you have to get accounting
support. Getting this service from a reliable company will make you successful. Call us for
information about our accounting services. We are happy to answer your questions, comments and
suggestions. We are always ready to support you!

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